This is the game’s soft currency and can be used to pay for anything from hero levels to gear upgrades, as well as a number of items made available in the supply store. Always complete the hardest challenge you can for the best rewards. If it did happen, it's very unlikely it would benefit the vast majority. It also rewards a fair chunk of gold as well, which is the most important currency. If you find getting blitz event card is really hard for you. Stores. Going off how the current ones are formatted, I'm thinking it would go from 750k possibly straight to 1 million if we skip adding #15 for the 1-10% bracket, which would also allow us to spread the Shards up a little easier. A list of the top prizes you can win in Blitzball tournaments and league matches - part of the Final Fantasy X walkthrough and strategy guide by Others would start cheating if character shards were involved. Relive the visceral fighting style of the Vikings as you dual-wield powerful weapons. At the moment I will hit the last milestone tomorrow morning and will auto 2 battles for dailies on Sunday but 0 interest in pushing for 1500 of there were more milestones.... SOMETHING needs to be done with Blitz. The first thing you’ll be able to do when you start a new game in Marvel Strike Force is to play the Heroes Campaign, also known as the “Heroes Assembly”. So potentially it could impact 15%+ of the player base. Back to top; Back to General Discussion. MARVEL Strike Force’s epic new feature allows you to deploy your entire roster on a never-before-seen battlefield for big rewards, endless strategy, and limitless possibilities. Blitz and Arena stores show all the characters available. Since Blitz is the main way of releasing characters while being such an easy target for cheating, maybe just rework it and make it just another way of pushing out a constant flow of smaller amounts of shards. Make it 10 million or whatever, and place like 50 shards there or something. Learn More Unlike Raid credits, instead of 4 additional character shards the Blitz orbs give gold. Take a little while to select your desired characters, set their stats to what you’re interested in, and then compare them together. With exponentially increasing milestones you could control shard payouts. Any of the theoretical Milestones can definitely be adjusted, or to have the shards redistributed a little better. It’s just stupid and discouraging for us down here scrapping 750k-1million. Although Gold will continue to pour into your coffers through missions, achievem… The Blitz game mode, one of the most time-consuming areas of this already demanding game, added a SIM feature for battles. Darkness is once again descending upon MARVEL Strike Force with what appears to be the most challenging game mode yet. High tier blitz ranking takes time and dedication, only embark on such a journey when you feel confident to do so! Come see some Marvel Strike Force action with Vak and the Mortytown Locos! Pride is a powerful motivator! Blitz Rewards: As I said earlier, the blitz rewards can be amazing. PaPokemon made a great video about maximizing blitz mode and in it he stated that “it is arguably one of the most efficient rewards-to-time-spent modes.” During the first chapter, you’ll get a couple of new characters and your first bearings in terms of simple PvE combat. Feel free to browse the latest game news, discussions, strategy, and quality creator content that our community offers. Then bot will follow the lane to does the raid for you. Auto … Always complete the hardest challenge you can for the best rewards. No pressure. For instance, the current Kingpin Blitz has the following rewards: The average Khasino had recently noted for estimates on the KP Blitz put rank 1 at around 9.6 million, Rank 15 at 7.2 million, rank 100 at 5.2 million, Rank 1500 at 2.5 million, and the percentage ranks at under a million. msf-pocket-guide 1/3 Downloaded from datacenterdynamics. I only mention it because the next couple milestones after 750k should actually be a little bit lower to compensate. I'm glad you mentioned the bragging rights! Our bot will make this become easy. (Not saying this solves cheating, just slightly reduces their impact to other players.) 1 user(s) are reading this topic. Alliance War is upon us! Auto Play Strike Raid . 06.13.19 – How to Approach Blitz as a Beginner, 05.21.19 – Alliance Wars (and Blitz) Offensive Counters, 05.02.19 – Five teams to lead you to Blitz success, Lead epic Viking raids against Saxon troops and fortresses. Bot can auto detect opponent and choose the weak one to battle. Видео - Khasino. Galactic War and Mid-Tier Arena, Which Characters First? If you want to get a sure way to get character shards, you can check out the Blitz, Arena, Supplies, Raid, and War stores. Get consistently good ranks on the Blitz and you get more Premium Orb Shards. Before y'all downvote this to oblivion, just hear me out... Do we even need rank rewards? It is the way that a lot of new characters are introduced, has some of the best rewards and has some of the best characters to purchase from it’s store. MSF Bot plays blitz in an intelligent way. The top 100 players in each server region will be awarded. 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Please note: these raid maps are not completely mobile friendly.For the best experience, visit this page using a desktop. That may leave an option to still have a rank, but the rank isn’t tied to rewards and doesn’t actually impact anything. I don't bother with blitz because I know I'm not going to get into top ranks and it's not worth fighting the same basic teams over and over to get a useless amount of shards. Do whatever method suits you best to get the rewards you want. RTA is a new twist on the existing live PvP mode that MSF has been pushing for months now. If I knew I would only be getting orbs with 5-8 shards in them each time, I'd do my two daily blitzes per day and not a single one more. Khasino msf. Auto Play Blitz . It'll never happen because then FN would have very little control over how many shards and resources are being added to the economy each blitz. With 88 Blitz orbs we would be getting 440 shards, or 120 more shards than buying specific character shards. Territory Battles, Which Characters First? Use “TIER 1” or “TIER 2” filters to see a list of champions … Stores. MSF Blitz Guide Marvel Strike Force’s unique Blitz game mode allows players to get on a winning streak and accumulate points for 24 ot 72 hours to gain rewards. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'd say still put a ceiling on the milestones. But we know that more than 10% of the player base is hitting all of the current milestones. Most people are happy when it is not a Blitz release because the majority of players are kind of blitzed out. and Bot are fantastic resources where you can browse all of the game's characters, campaigns, events, gear, maps, and much more. MSF is a Clearinghouse The MSF is affiliated with other state and national organizations which promote amateur/recreational sports. Seriously? Marvel Strike Force Bot Features. Blitz, Raids, Arena Mode, and Challenges! Blitz … Of course the Blitz mode, which features 20 tiers of Milestones to gain rewards… Receive 240 Campaign Energy instead of the normal 120 when refreshing Campaign Energy. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MarvelStrikeForce community. Champions Tier List is a table with all MSF champions ranked for every segment of the game. Challenges are events you can do to farm for various materials or items to advance in the game. Keep battling and Get Top Rewards for Every Blitz.