Read our other post for Indian River Forest Service Road, Some really interesting and spectacular day use spots area available along the road, Rock Climbing access to the third Peak of the Chief in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, Stawamus FSR: including Indian River Branch 01 to Indian River (Indian Arm), and Shannon branch 02 (to Stawamus Chief) of Stawamus/ Indian. Jul 12, 2020 - Indian River FSR is a wilderness Forest Service Road that branches from Mamquam FSR in Squamish, BC and reaches Indian Arm, North Vancouver Note: There is active logging in some areas, watch for Logging Trucks on the road. In addition to its industrial use, it attracts backroad enthusiasts and provides access to backcountry hiking trails, mountain bike/ dirt bike trails, and wilderness camping. Jack couldn’t bear to leave the views that were beginning to reveal themselves and he stayed with us. Unfortunately we got chatting too much and missed the well marked turnoff. After driving for approximately 4 km on Mamquam FSR, you will arrive at a fork. It is about 7 km to the Dam/ trailhead from Mamquam FSR split (Skookum FSR). Indian River FSR is a wilderness Forest Service Road that branches from Mamquam FSR in Squamish, BC and reaches Indian Arm.Indian River FSR is a branch of the Stawamus FSR, knows as Indian River Branch 01.. We respectfully acknowledge that this road trip is on unceded, ancestral, and traditional lands of Sḵwxwu7mesh’ – Squamish and səl̓ilwətaɁɬ təməxʷ Tsleil-Waututh nation. This really inspires us to keep sharing and exploring. We followed our track back over Alpen to the cars. CallOut | Mamquam FSR is an Industrial use Forest Service Road near Squamish, BC. This site offers a wilderness camping opportunity. 317 likes. Torrential rain in the mountains makes for wet wheeling with Modula Racks and friends. It was a mild bushwhack east and then south towards Alpen. I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts. Mamquam River Campground. Check out our Youtube video for a virtual experience of the Mamquam FSR. You can also follow us on Twitter at or Instagram at Steven Chua / Squamish Chief. Mamquam FSR is an Industrial use Forest Service Road near Squamish, BC. Wanderung subscribers may organize trips. Proposed trails: Skookum-Rampart Ponds Trail (hike, bike), Pitt River Hot Springs Trail (hypothetical), Clinker Ridge Trail From there we head up R Line which is ditched getting nearly 2km up before being stopped by snow at around 720m el. Hopefully the new trail will avoid the mud. Please leave a comment if you find our post helpful, or if you have any questions or suggestions for us. The lake was truly mesmerizing. A huge thank you to Cheryl for driving!”, Chris N. on Alpen Mountain: Go left to stay on Mamquam FSR. Submit one here. Hopefully you were able to find an interesting spot for fishing. It was better to use satellite images from Google Earth which showed all the major forks. And, then, there was this small piece of exposed granite, which is hard to notice, as it is fairly high. Most FSRs have numerous gates blocking branching roads or even worse, a gate right at the main FSR trailhead to block 4X4s. Out of cell phone range, they both cried for help until they were seen by some people in the area, who then drove back on Mamquam FSR to be in a cell phone range to call Squamish RCMP. We're sad that this means there will be no Wanderung trips in 2020, but we thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you in 2021. “The road up Alpen was a good lesson in the need for good maps. FAQ | It felt great to get out and visit this region again; the snow restricted some activities but opened others. We got back in the Carib and continued up the Mamquam service road. Mamquam Falls is a waterfall located on the Mamquam River, just outside of Squamish. Truly said, it’s the journey that captivates you. We settled in on the snow-free south end of the peak and basked under the summer sun for 1.5 hours, enjoying the view and relaxing. “With the promise of hot sunny weather, 6 of us drove in from Squamish along the Mamquam FSR. I went up Indian river today for acouple hours but mainly just scouting, was raining pretty hard but managed to do a sit and some calling for a yote, with no luck no though. , Your email address will not be published. We sidehilled for a bit around Split before again heading straight up the western slopes to the lumpy summit. The lake is reached after ascending a final boulder field, and the views do not disappoint! Your email address will not be published. Construction begins Spring 2016. You will arrive at a fork after about 19 or 20 km mark, continue on the right to stay on Mamquam FSR. Various trip reports stated that the logging road was okay for 2wd vehicles, but I’m not entirely convinced. I just slept on a pad looking up at the stars. Kicked steps up the last steep parts and Jack had made a wise choice – gorgeous views in every direction! Organize a callout, Home | The river, after about 7.5 km, turns north and continues in that direction for about 6.9 km to its confluence with its second named tributary, Martin Creek. Par rapport à la plupart des routes de service forestier, ce parcours aller-retour est bien entretenu et relativement fluide. See full trip report with geotagged pictures on Live Trails.”. Hello Domenic, Thank you very much for visiting and appreciating our blog posts. Remember when you are traveling on these backroads, it’s not about the destination but the journey! Gary and Tu Loan had brought tents. The whole hike had taken just over 5 hours.”. The Mamquam River Campground's mandate is to keep camping affordable in Canada's adventure capital, Squamish, BC It is hilarious how comfortable and capable the granny wagon is on these logging roads. Eugene Y. at Watersprite Lake: Mamquam River FSR Squamish. Jul 12, 2020 - Mamquam is an Industrial use Forest Service Road near Squamish, BC. The sun had been killing us so a shady break in the trees was most welcome. In our opinion, this Is the best area for OHVs in Southern B.C. The hike follows an old logging road, before turning off to a swamp. Mamquam FSR was in a decent shape, and our Subaru Outback and Forester quickly made it to the bridge across the Mamquam river (~13 km mark). This multi-use trail can be used both directions. FSR Major Access Corridor ID In-SHUCK-ch 7343 Upper Lillooet 6123 Mamquam 9283 Squamish / Elaho TFL38 9160 Stawamus-Indian 4823 Lillooet South 7977 Oth er R sou c ad ... DSQ Mamquam River 32 151.580 DSQ Spetch 32 151.580. The final push was up a steep slope from the west. Thanks for visiting our blog. May 1, 2018 DO NOT CAMP ALONG THE MAMGUAM FSR BETWEEN THE HIGHWAY AND THE BRIDGE THAT CROSSES STAWAMUS RIVER. The trail became more challenging once we reached the boulder field. We didn’t find much in the way of vents mentioned by others but a northern vantage of the peak shows large broken pinnacles as if some giant had taken an axe to the summit. A fun, easy network of picturesque trails, they are perfect for running, biking, walking or taking your furry friend for a stroll. this means no van camping or tents. We made it to around the 15-km mark before bailing, and hiked the final ~1.7 km to the trailhead. Overall, it took our group about 4 hours (8.5 km) to reach the lake from the upper parking lot. THIS HAS BECOME A VERY SENSITIVE ISSUE. Category: Serendipitous Discoveries. Hello Lyndon, thank you for visiting and appreciating our blog and the video. Waking up and seeing the surrounding mountains again was awesome. Now that felt like a worthwhile destination, with a close view of the Sky Pilot group and Mount Habrich under blue skies! The whole atmosphere was one of a dream and meditation. Thank you for all the volunteers for building a trail to this little paradise!”, Danica at Watersprite Lake: However, the remaining 7 km along the Skookum Dam road were much more challenging. There is a subscribe option on our website, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. Course. Suggested Page Improvements to Mamquam FSR. This FSR is the main road in the middle of an off road paradise. We had lunch then carried on. Good day! Mamquam and Furry Creek FSR's. Visit Mamquam River FSR to enjoy the backroads, feel the serenity of nature, relax by the river, hike, camp, or simply explore the wilderness. Start Here. Please note that due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wanderung mailing list will be suspended until May 2021. Only 4WD / 4×4 vehicles are recommended on the road. Scroll below the map to see the Street View of Mamquam River … “Nine of us went to explore the new trail to the Watersprite Lake near Squamish. Community | from peter winter: do not camp along the mamquam fsr between the highway and the bridge that crosses stawamus river. this has become a very sensitive issue. Chris M. in the Pinecone Lake area: THAT MEANS VAN CAMPING OR TENTS. The Mamquam River Reunion Project: Reconnecting a River with 50 000m² of restored channels, ponds, and wetlands Funding support: The Bridge Coastal Restoration Program, CN Rail, District of Squamish, DFO, Sea to Sky Improvement Project and Peter Kiewit … Just before we reached the top of Peak 5700 the day-trippers reached their turnaround time and headed back down. After driving past 8 km mark, you will cross a bridge and arrive at Raffuse Creek Recreational Area. Be warned, the road isn’t that rough but your car will get scratches towards the end.”, Irina on Mt Mulligan and Anif Peak: Then we soaked in a stunning sunset and relaxed some more. Wreck Week ~ Waaay down the bank along Mamquam River FSR in Squamish - Mitch Smythe This is a difficult one way trail in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park. A quick backtrack and we were on our way. After hiking up clear cuts and rarely spaced trees, we found ourselves on the tree-studded Mount Mulligan. Peter Winter. Your report will be added to the site. I live in Abbotsford so don’t know the Squamish, Whistler area very well. Dawn found us driving along the Mamquam River FSR (east from Squamish) to the Skookum Creek area. Page 1 of 2 Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Sea to Sky District 101-42000 Loggers Lane Substantial zoom has been used. Access to Mamquam FSR is via Highway 99 (approximately 2.5 km south of Squamish or about 1.5 km north of the Sea to Sky Gondola). “Cheryl, Susan, Xiru, and myself embarked on a journey to Watersprite Lake. We only send an email when a new post is up. It would be most certainly unwise to attempt this trip in a smaller car. Dropped down to the saddle and continued up Anif Peak. The waterbars in the last 1.5 km caused some scraping for the lower clearance vehicles. Resources | In addition to its industrial use, it attracts backroad enthusiasts and provides access to backcountry hiking trails, mountain bike/ dirt bike trails, and wilderness camping.. We respectfully acknowledge that this road trip is on unceded, ancestral, and traditional lands of Sḵwxwu7mesh’ – Squamish Nation. I will frequently update this post to include more information and photos because I keep on exploring the Mamquam FSR and its many branches. To enter the Rec Site, turn left after the bridge. Brad’s Pathfinder taking us further than expected along the Mamquam FSR shortened the anticipated hike along the logging road by ~4 km each way. Explore Recent Photos; Trending; Events; The Commons; Flickr Galleries; World Map January 29, 2011. The Mamquam River originates at Mamquam Pass and starts off by flowing northwest for about 7.5 km. Well, Danielle and Tom did. “Following changes to the destination and the participants list, Brad, Melissa and Evgeny joined me for this hike. A good 2wd driver should be able to make it to about 6 km assuming decent traction. See public closure notice Off we go on crusty snow which held my weight, but Ramsay was breaking through after a bit so he put on his snowshoes. Kayaking in Squamish offers a wide variety of white-water experiences from easy beginner rivers such as the Mamquam, which flows directly through Squamish, to the short-but-fast rush of the Upper Cheakamus river to the north, a world class grade 4-5 run. Phone, SMS, Whatsapp - 778 266 9335 Email [email protected] Instagram @mamquamriver FB Mamquam River We respectfully acknowledge that this road trip is on unceded, ancestral, and traditional lands of Sḵwxwu7mesh’ – Squamish Nation. Visit Mamquam FSR to enjoy the backroads, relax by the river, hike, camp Be safe! Continue straight to stay on Mamquam FSR. The trail was fairly well marked and easy to follow. Completion September 2016. Skookum FSR to Hydro Dam and Watersprite Lake Trailhead. Our driver thought it was one of the rougher logging roads she had taken her car up. I had always relied upon the excellent 1:20000 maps that iMapBC creates but it turns out that, for the Alpen region, they were missing some recent and important side roads. The walk back down was simple and just under 3 hours to my vehicle. there is free camping at the … Do you use Twitter? We spent 2 hrs swimming and lounging (mostly the latter), before heading back. I am a fly fisherman always interested in finding some new trout water to fish. Mamquam FSR was in a decent shape, and our Subaru Outback and Forester quickly made it to the bridge across the Mamquam river (~13 km mark). No description for Mamquam FSR trail has been added yet! (Max 150 words). Located along the salmon spawning channels between the Mamquam River and the Squamish Valley Golf and Country Club are the Mamquam River Trails. No trips may be organized until that date at the earliest. Mamquam River is a stream located just 1.3 miles from Squamish, in Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. 7. We will continue to send out a newsletter to subscribers every two weeks. Existing trails: Darling Lake Trail, Mamquam Lake Trail (existing hike, proposed to add bike), Pinecone Lake Trail. View from Squamish River Forest Service Road near Squamish British Columbia Canada. Backcountry BC is a group of like-minded individuals whose aim is to protect access to the province's backcountry and advocate for new non-mechanized trails by lobbying government recreation activities and for preserving our wilderness areas. Very little wind, warm temps & great company made this a wonderful night. good job on the video and blog post. They had gone for a new years swim in the river but were forced to take shelter on the island as the water in the river rose up. It would be most certainly unwise to attempt this trip in a smaller car. Join | However, the remaining 7 km along the Skookum Dam road were much more challenging. These travels are loved by true travelers This meant we had to hike 6 km instead of 3 km to the end of the logging road. The Mamquam River FSR is … La route de service forestier de la rivière Mamquam est le choix parfait pour les aventuriers novices dans le sport des véhicules hors route. We chose our camp spots and relaxed. Mamquam FSR is a 3,752 m moderately popular dirt/gravel road trail located near Squamish British Columbia. Required fields are marked *. 6. this area is bc parks and it is illegal for you to do so. View from Squamish River FSR near Squamish British Columbia Canada. Never worried about finding a trail as you just need to stay in the centre of the ridge and head upwards. Lillooet River FSR #6123 (often called Upper Lillooet FSR) Industrial use FSR; Lillooet River FSR - closed at 9km gate due to high avalanche risk, until further notice. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to explore your lands. All those small islands amidst the soft turquoise waters appeared like in some children’s fairyland. The ascent was certainly steeper than I expected, but the snow was perfect for kick-stepping up, and while I was happy to be wearing my crampons, the others managed well without them. Email. The first couple of hours we were mostly walking along some old logging roads through a large clear-cut area covered with shrubs and small trees. Whether you are camping with the family or on a day trip with your friends, the Squamish River and its tributaries provide easy access and year-round fish.. A walk along the narrow ridge, and we’re on the summit of Anif Peak. Stay on the right to continue on Manmquam FSR. The Mamquam River Campground is a project by MRAS. A key reason: NO GATES! See photos at the end of this post. The route offered a good glimpse of the Garibaldi and Mamquam mountains through the clouds. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including cutthroat trout, sockeye salmon, brown trout, coho salmon, steelhead trout, … Note: The road to Skookum Hydro Intake/ Watersprite Trailhead has some very rough sections – 4×4 access only. It was a breeze getting down to the vehicle through the gully between Mulligan and Anif, leaving us with plenty of time for an enjoyable conversation and an early dinner at the Brew Pub. Vanlifers’ proposal for seasonal-only prohibition in Mamquam River FSR turned down. (Having no overnight gear Jack had gone back down to sleep in my car – extra blanket & pillow there.) From here, we stuck to the ridge running south towards Split. Keyhole Hotsprings and the Keyhole-Líl̓wat átkwa7 Trail are closed from April 1 to November 15 annually to support grizzly bear recovery efforts. Drive across the bridge to stay on Mamquam Main FSR. Armed with maps of several varieties and altimeters, we managed to push our convoy of AWDs and a 4wd to a major fork at 1350 m elevation (about 7.5 km up the Alpen spur). Sadly, the snow was lingering lower down than I had hoped. Cette route est très populaire auprès des 4x4, des motos hors route, des VTT et des côte à côte. Anyone been up and know any information of the Mamquam FSR FRS and indian River FRS? A total of ~19 km and ~9 hrs made for a long but very worthwhile day. Mamquam Forest Service Road is highly frequented by quad bikes, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, 4×4 vehicles, and logging trucks. Kaoham Shuttle: Lillooet to Seton Portage, Oradour-Sur-Glane: The Village of Martyrs, Hyder: The Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska, Burro Schmidt Tunnel: A half-mile long hand dig Tunnel, Wildflowers in Sub Alpine Meadows of Manning Park, Gold Bridge via Hurley 4X4 Wilderness / FSR Road, Grasslands and Rolling Hills: Quilchena to Douglas lake, Great Northern Circle Route, British Columbia, Vancouver to Whitehorse via Alaska Highway, Indian River Branch 01 to Indian River (Indian Arm), There are quite a few bridges over the river as you zig-zag up the valley, we stopped at one of the highest bridges on this FSR. New approved trails: Watersprite Lake Trail. 5. We took the old trail, as could not find detailed instructions about the new trail. Contact, All material copyright Wanderung Outdoor Recreation Society 2009 - 2021, Tell us about recent Wanderung trips. The Squamish River system boasts some of the best fishing opportunities in British Columbia for seasoned pros and families alike. Shortly below its source, the river picks up the waters of the stream draining November Lake. Renowned for its large size, runnability and pleasing aesthetic, Mamquam Falls is only one of a few waterfalls in the world that is sought out year after year by cutting edge international athletes to test their mettle, and it is a major draw attracting paddlers to the Sea to Sky zone. Any Body seen any Mulie active around the area, or been up there much, or ever Mamquam FSR for that matter? The arrival of natural beauty. On average it takes 12 minutes to complete this trail. Soon we were well down the mainline and at the bridge that crosses the Mamquam River. Street map of Mamquam River Forest Service Road in Squamish, British Columbia: This page presents the Google satellite Street map (zoomable and browsable) of Mamquam River Forest Service Road in Squamish, British Columbia. At about 13 km you will arrive at a 9-mile bridge. The last portion of the trail was fairly steep and involved quite a bit of scrambling. Squamish River FSR. 2023 Centennial Way, Squamish, British Columbia V8B 0E2, Canada. We had read reports of a muddy trail, and even in late August this was true.